Box MLBB Pro 2024 APK (Latest version) v14.0 Free Download

Box MLBB Pro 2024 APK (Latest version) v14.0 Free Download
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Box MLBB Box 2022 Review:

The 2021 year was a difficult year for Mobile Legends Bang Bang players because that year developers didn’t introduce a powerful ML app but at the start of this year, developers introduced one of the best ML apps that are Box MLBB Pro 2022. ML players don’t need to search for other applications just download this app and start getting more resources. Any ML players use their device to download this app because this app supports every Android mobile. 

This app provides many benefits and benefits are free to use. After downloading these VIP Injector ML players enjoy their time on the battlefield against enemies. When you fill full your requirements by using this app then no one will stop you from getting the top position.

Old ML applications are not enough for players to use because this is the modern era of MLBB and you need a modern application. Therefore, developers understand the needs of ML players and make a modern application named Box MLBB Pro 2022. This application is for modern players’ developers of this ml injector pro 2024 added more modern features to fill up the requirements of players. These VIP APK features motivate players and make them strong enough to face enemies on the field.

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Modern features like background music, drone view, modern skins, maps, and many more are added to this app to provide some comfort for players. This mlbb injector is new in the market and many ML players are not aware of this wonderful app to be the first ones to download this app and surprise opponents with the power of this app. Once you start using this box skin injector then you will know what a masterpiece, this app is. If you want to know all about this ML injector then read the whole article last click the download link.

Players get information about this tool but at last, they hesitate to click the download link because they think this box skin injector 9.6 is not safe for them. We don’t call them wrong because nowadays the market is full of risky applications but not in this case. After Box MLBB Pro Injector ML 2022 is fully safe and secure for use.

What Is Box MLBB Pro 2022?

Box MLBB Pro 2023 is a magical app for ML players that opens features like skins, more emotes, background music, background theme, map, and many more. This new box skin injector is like a sensation for ML players so test benefits by downloading.

With zero cost any ML player can get more than a hundred features. So don’t waste your currency and use it on another project because nowadays making money is a Tough task.

Features Of Box MLBB Pro:

It is impossible to collect more features because there are many. Therefore our team has collected some of the most used features here so look at them and download them if you want to use many features.

Drone View:

If you utilize available drones which are 2x to 8x then you feel safe because using this camera you can easily cover all sides of the map and you can easily watch the movement of enemies.

ML Skins:

Without this app when you visit the official store to collect all then you will be shocked after seeing the price. So don’t visit the official store because this app provides you with skins like a mage, fighter, and many more.


This feature is for those ML players who desperately want to change the theme.


  • More emotes
  • Recall options
  • Maps
  • New sounds
  • Free to use
  • Updated version
  • Ads free
  • No login

How To Use Box MLBB Pro?

  • The first thing you need to do is to click the given link to download.
  • Then visit the download file to install.
  • When you see the icon on your device screen.
  • Simply click and log in to your playing account.
  • When you see options then it means you are done so choose your favorite features and play.


Many Mobile Legends Bang Bang players are using the old update of this Box MLBB Pro 2022 and complaining about the features menu. Hence if you’re using the old version then delete it right now click the mentioned link and install the latest version of this ML app but if you’re using the new version and aren’t satisfied with this one then try Diamond Injector ML this app also has the power to provide more features.