FIFA 16 APK (Latest Version) v 5.2.243645 Free Download

FIFA 16 APK (Latest Version) v 5.2.243645 Free Download
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  • Android - 5.0+
  • v5.2.243645
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Review Of FIFA 16 APK

Football is a popular sport that is played in many countries including Asian countries. Every day many football matches are played between different teams and millions of people love to watch their favorite player in action. Different league matches for example Champion League, Seria A, La Liga, and many more are played between different clubs. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, PSG, and Manchester City are some famous football clubs in the world. Some skillful players for example Neymar Jr, Ronaldo, Haaland, and many more are showing their skills in different clubs. Fans love to see their hero in action which is why they pay a big sum of money to buy match tickets to see their heroes live. FIFA 16 APK is one of the best online games where you can play more football matches on your smartphone.

Football is a game where players need to show their passing, shooting, dribbling, fast running, ball controlling, and many more if they want to score more goals in the opponent’s team. If any football player has all these mentioned skills then he is one of the best players in the world. On the football field, only one goal can make a big difference.

Best Football Game:

This easy-looking game is not that easy for those who do not have enough skills. Therefore before entering the ground make sure you improve your playing skills otherwise you might lose a game. You do not need to touch the ball with your hand you just need to use your feet while passing the ball to your teammates. If a ball hits your hand, the umpire will blow his whistle and give a foul in favor of the opponent team. Therefore make sure your hand does not touch the ball while playing.

FIFA 16 APK Mod 23 is the best platform for a football lover where he can easily complete all his dreams. Within a few days, you will become one of the best football players. Football is a team game where you will win more matches if all your eleven players give their 100% on the field. Therefore choose talented players to make a strong team. If everything goes well and you can lead your team then you will win more matches.

About FIFA 16 APK Full Screen

If any football lover wants to feel the real experience of football on his smartphone then download this FIFA 16 APK. Real-looking character, quality sound, high-quality graphics, and many other features will make you feel that you’re in the middle of the ground. This is an amazing game where any player can add more friends to make a strong team to beat opponents. To make this game more special make gas add a commentary option in different languages. This is another excellent feature of this game. To give a beautiful look to your team you can select your favorite Jersey for your team. You can also change the jersey for every game. You may like Total Football because this is also a great game where you need to follow all the rulr]es and regulations of football.

Features Of FIFA 16 APK Latest

Different Language

As we mentioned in the upper paragraph players can select different languages for commentary because many languages for example English, German, French, and many others are available.

Best Stadiums

Players can enjoy their club matches in different stadiums. Every stadium is very beautiful and the players enjoy playing there.

Weather Condition

You can play matches in the open sun, In the rain, In a cloudy sky, In the falling snow, and many other kinds of weather.

New Moves

Football becomes a horror movie for those players who do not have enough moves to show the infant of opponent players. So make you practice daily to improve all weak parts.

Newly Added Features

  • New Jersey
  • Offline matches
  • Excellent graphics
  • Multiplayer
  • Different leagues
  • Add Friends


If you are a fan of football and looking for a game that you can enjoy on your smartphone then this FIFA 16 APK would be perfect for you. Download this game from this page and make a strong team to win more leagues.