Play Diary APK Latest Version v1.0 Free For Download

Play Diary APK Latest Version v1.0 Free For Download
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Play Diary APK Review:

Every Android user adds different types of apps to his device. Few of them are premium apps and few of them are free to use. Users can play different types of games and take some amazing pictures with the help of different kinds of apps. Playing HD-quality video on a smartphone sometimes becomes difficult therefore you need to download one of the best video player apps like Play Diary APK.

Playing videos in the presence of this app you never face any kind of errors or other problems. You can enjoy short videos as well as long videos. Using can use it on any Android mobile because it is good at even low RAM devices. So to watch all your favourite videos without facing any disturbance add this Play Diary movie apk to your device.

Play Diary Movies APK:

Downloading different types of apps from websites is very common. Millions of people are using different kinds of apps to watch movies, listen to music, play games, and do many other activities. However, finding a perfect video player app is quite difficult because all video player apps do not work according to users’ demands. If any users have landed on this post then you will get one of the best video players in the shape of Play Diary App.

With the help of this play diary iOS, you can play different types of videos on your mobile. You can download videos from different social media platforms and enjoy watching them on Play Diary App. So to enjoy movies, comedy clips, reels, sports videos, and many more install it now. Those users who love to watch anime movies and TV shows may try HenaoJara Anime APK.

What Is Play Diary APK?

Watching your favorite video in HD quality makes your whole day so to watch in high quality also play it on Play Diary APK because this is the best HD video player application available in the market. 144p, 180p, 270p, 360p, 540p, 720p, and 1020p all options are available users can play video on any of them. The majority of users love to watch videos at 1020p because here they will get a clear view. You can lock all private videos in a private album and put a strong password that nobody can open without your permission.

If you mistakenly delete a video from your favorite list then you can easily restore it within a few minutes with the help of the backup option. Using this one-tap delete button you can delete all useless videos from your device within a few minutes. The favourite option is also available in this Play Diary APK Latest Version where you can save your favourite movies, reels, recorded videos, wedding videos, and many other videos. Users don’t need to pay money to play a video on their smartphones.

Key Features:

Zero ads:

Watching your favourite movie on your smartphone without blinking your eyes and suddenly a useless ad comes out then it spoils the party. So to avoid all useless ads you need to play video on Play Diary APK.

HD Quality:

If you want to enjoy the real mod of any video then watch it in high quality. Playing videos on this video player app you can watch it on HD quality.

Private Album:

People do not want to show their private videos to others. So to keep your private videos hidden from others you need to save them on a private album and put in a long-digit key.

Search Button:

To make this video player app friendly for users makers have added many features and the search button is one of them. Using the search bar you can find any video without wasting any time.


Play Diary APK is only a video player app that doesn’t create problems on any Android mobile. Users can easily watch different types of videos in HD quality. All features like a search bar, HD quality, private album, delete option, and many more will probably help users. The size of these best video players is not that high and it doesn’t support any kind of ads.