Queen Of The Jungle APK (Latest Version) v1.0 Free Download

Queen Of The Jungle APK (Latest Version) v1.0 Free Download
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  • Queen Of The Jungle
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Review Queen Of The Jungle APK Mod:

Today’s kids are bored playing action games like Free Fire, PUBG, Mobile Legends, and many others. Therefore they are looking for a new game That can relieve their boredom. Those users never get bored who follow Apkdell.net because this website brings new games for visitors. You can find different types of games on this site and Queen Of The Jungle APP is one of them.

This amazing video game is completely different from other games where you never get tired while playing. You can enjoy this thrilling game for a long time without taking a break. This is a perfect game for all those gamers who want to try a new game. We hope you like it but if you don’t like it, delete it at the same time. We are sure once you start playing you will never delete it from your smartphone. If you like this new game then share a download link with your family members and friends.

Air Player APK:

Have you ever been alone in the forest at night? If not then you need to start playing this game. Going to the forest alone is not for everyone because the forest is a very dangerous place with many dangerous animals that can attack you anytime but we recommend everyone to experience this once in their life but if you are afraid to go into any jungle in your real life then download Queen Of The Jungle from this page because this is the only game that is based on forest life.

The good thing about this game is you can visit the Amazon forest which is located in Brazil. Only a few people can visit this forest and the majority of people watch him on the TV screen. So this is a great chance for you to spend some time in the middle of this big forest. Therefore download this Queen Of The Jungle and start your journey. 

About Queen Of The Jungle:

Finding games like Queen Of The Jungle is very different for anyone because only a few games like this are available in the internet market where you can find everything in a perfect place for example HD graphics, real-like characters, fewer errors, and many more. Queen of Forest needs to collect treasure within a minute but if he fails to collect in time then he might lose all progress. Therefore while playing you need to try to do all things on time otherwise you might fail to win this game. Specimen Zero Story is not a bad choice because this game is also one of the best.

Queen Of The Jungle is a video game that will test your speed. So if you want to purchase different types of items and want to complete all challenges then you need to collect more treasure in one minute. The more you can collect treasure the more you open lock items therefore make sure you collect more treasure while playing. This is a fighting game where you need to improve your fighting skills because this is the only way to win battles against enemies.


More Enemies:

This is a dangerous part of this game where you need to make sure you don’t touch the monsters because once you find yourself between them then no one will be able to save you and they will give you a painful death. Therefore to be safe and to win a match play very carefully. 


While playing this game on your device you will able to see different types of animals which you have never seen before in your life.

Survival Skills:

When you go inside the forest, you can learn survival skills from animals because no one knows better than them how to live in a forest and how to face danger. So spend time with animals and learn more skills which will be useful for you.

Other Features:

  • Had graphics
  • Real like characters
  • Zero charges
  • No password
  • Easy to download
  • No registration
  • Many others


Make yourself ready for a new journey and download the latest version of Queen Of The Jungle. Your dream of spending more time in the forest of Brazil will come true this game is specially designed on a map of the Amazon forest. So download it and enjoy it.