WG Map Injector APK (Updated Version) v1.35 Free For Android

WG Map Injector APK (Updated Version) v1.35 Free For Android
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WG Map Injector APK Review:

If you’re a player of Mobile Legends Bang Bang and using the same map for a long time and getting bored. Do you want a new environment to play in? Then you need to download WG Map Injector because using this Injector you can easily download more than five maps. Five maps are enough for players to enjoy this game. This ML Injector not only gives you free maps but also provides free skins e.g. tank skin, mage skin, fighter skin, and three others. Want to test this ML Injector? They first read the given information and then download it.

Getting all five maps from the official store is not easy because all these maps are very expensive you need a full wallet to purchase all these maps. Mobile Legends Bang Bang players want all maps they don’t want to use 2 or 3 maps because once they test the new map then they want all maps. But without WG Map Injector you never get any single map. So use this map injector and get all your favourite maps without visiting an official store.

About WG Map:

The Internet is loaded with tons of ML applications but not anyone opens all maps for players. ML WG Map Injector 2023 is the first ML application and its priority is to open all maps for players. Only this ML Injector opens all five maps. Many ML players play this game for a long time but know they are getting bored because of playing regularly on the same map. But not anymore because now you can enjoy five different types of environments because this MLBB Injector comes with five different maps.

MLBB is a famous game therefore many new players regularly join this game. This game becomes very easy to play when you sit on a chair and watch other players. But when you make your account and start playing you realize that this is not an easy game to play. The best part of this game is you never get bored even after losing many games in a row. HD graphics and amazing gameplay will force you to try again.

What Is WG Map Injector?

This WG Map Injector became very popular in a short period. Mobile Legends Bang Bang players give a lot of love because this is the only ML application that comes with all five maps and many other features. Players enjoy features like drone view, maps, background, assassin skins, updated weapons, backup, and many more.

There are other ML apps available in the market but Zero Injector is similar to this app. Both these applications are small in size and both work as a key to open all five maps and other features. Players will see all the features in the next paragraph.

Key Features Of WG Map:


The name of this injector shows that this injector brings more maps.

Drone View:

This is the second-best feature of this injector players use drone view to find the location of many items including enemies.

Map List:

  • Highway map
  • Hdr map
  • Badlands map
  • Realistic map
  • League of the League map

Other Features:

  • Background
  • No login
  • Safe
  • Fast app
  • Updated version
  • Small size
  • Easy to use
  • Many more

What Is The Password?

Many ML players don’t know about the password because they don’t read this full page. Here you will get the password using this mentioned password you can easily run the app.


Finally, we provide a little more information about the WG Map Injector. This map injector app is specifically for those Mobile Legends Bang Bang players who want a new environment to enjoy. So download this ml map injector 2023 and get all five maps.